What I got in my brain... and what remains...
 Before 96 - Loudun/Bourgueil/Chinon

Nice towns...

 1996-98 TOURS

Nice town too... Perhaps to close from Paris... That troubled my last sessions...

 1998-2001 BLOIS

Some tell that it's a boring town... Whatsoever!!! I didn't even have enough time to write another epic! Or may be I was too lazy to end this. I invite you to have a look backward in those ancient times.

 2002 PARIS

Ethnomethodolopodologie... what? If you run out of "O" in Scrabble, you would be glad to avoid this kind of words.
Nevertheless, this branch of sociology has the amazing ability to change how you may actually capture your environnement. It brings you power and accuracy in your judgement (no relation with the Force)... It's a methodological approach to achieve understanding processes more efficiently.
Very useful to understand what your client really wants!

2005, PF(Zone)